10 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

Chrome is perhaps the most popular web browser and has regained its popularity over the last few years.

Chrome is getting better with each release and working on developed features and bugs.

To endure the extensibility, developers are turning up with innovative extensions for Chrome.

Here in this article, I am going to suggest to you some of the Chrome extensions for web developers.

Handpicked Chrome Extension For Web Developers

For ensuring that the website applications work properly when you must try out some more handy tools to enhance the performance.

Chrome introduces a hub of handpicked extensions that are going to make your work easier.

You have a wide variety of options for Chrome extensions for web developers to choose from. Each one is enriched with the unique features you need as a developer. Here I have assembled 10 assorted Chrome extensions recommended for the Developers. Have a look!

1.Web Developer – A Must-Have Browser Extension

Web Developer is a must-have browser extension for Web Developers. Web browser adds a toolbar option to your Chrome browser, and you click on it you get a series of tools that you can easily apply for any web page you use.

The concept developed from the PNH Developer toolbar. You can make use of these handy tools for your daily work purpose.

You may add outlines just by displaying rulers, clicking, or finding the broken images on the page.

Whether you are a designer or developer you are surely going to find this tool useful!

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2. Go Full Page – Screenshot Capture

You must need to capture the current page entirely and this job is perfectly done by the Go Full Page tool.

This reliable browser extension works easily to capture the screenshot of the required window.

You can press Alt+Ctrl+P to get the screenshot or click on the extension icon for that. After that, you can export the image in JPG, PNG, or PDF format or you can drag and drop it on your Desktop.

Yes! It is that easy. That is why this is preferred by more than 4000000 users worldwide and one of the best Chrome extensions for 2021.

There is no ad, no bloat, or unnecessary permissions. Besides the complex pages are handled with inner scrollable elements.

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3. JSON View – Read The JASON Documents With Ease

When you encounter a JASON document, the browser shows it as plain text but using the browser extension, the data will get formatted, highlighted.

The arrays and objects get collapsed. In case the data is having any error, Jason view is going to display it as raw text.

You might find it a bit awkward to read raw JASON- JavaScript Object Notation data on your browser, but you will find it much easier to read that in the tree view.

This Chrome extension is going to help you get the JASON documents. It is quite useful for visualizing the unformatted JASON. Amongst several Web developer tools for Chrome, this tool is recommended by many users.

Over 1000000 users prefer to use this extension and are referred to as a must-have by many.

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 4.Type Form Recovery – Recover You Lost Text

Now here I introduce a great tool for recovering the lost text! Often you may suffer when your typed data gets erased and this amazing browser extension saves your text as you input them.

You can easily recover the typed data if you lose it. This is a lightweight, reliable extension that secures what you have typed, and the data is never going to leave your Computer!

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You will get full control and access to which site’s autosave is turned on or what input got saved.

What’s more! Just click on the link below to add Typio as your Chrome extension.

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5. Clear Cache – Clear Your Browser Cache

Clear cache is a very very important browser extension that you must have as a developer! It is one of the popular Chrome extensions that you must have.

With just a single click you can clear your cache & browsing data. You will be able to get rid of the cache, app cache, cookies, downloads, plugin data, local storage, history, file systems without any pop-ups or confirmation dialogs!

You can remove the cookies globally or for selective domains. If you wish you may also clear everything but for specific domains.

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6. Daily.dev – Get Updated With Dev News

For keeping you updated about the latest programming news here is an amazing browser extension for Chrome.

This is a news aggregator for software developers. You will get all the content under a single roof.

You will be able to save time like a pro as there is 0 need to search for the contents. You can get the tailor-made latest dev news here.

You will just have to click on the link provided below and find an easy way to get updated!

With just no effort you will be able to capture daily development articles and boost your knowledge. You can also save & bookmark the articles to read later.

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7. Site Palette – Grab Colors From Any Website

Site palette is a well-known and much-praised Chrome browser extension for the developers and when we are speaking about Chrome extension for web developers, we must include this.

It is capable of extracting color from any website you wish. It displays comprehensive color palettes, and you can preview the palette image.

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Besides, it gives you options to download the preview PDFs and go for shareable links! It is free with API available.

For the designers and developers, the site palette is referred to as the must-have tool across the world

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8. Ghostery – The Privacy Security Browser Extension

Ghostery is a powerful security browser extension for blocking ads, stopping trackers, or speeding up the website.

This open-source privacy extension blocks advertisements for the websites so that they do not interfere while working.

Another important feature of Ghostery is that it protects your privacy by blocking the trackers on the website from collecting your data!

Besides this smart browser extension speeds up the page loads.

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9. The Great Suspender Original – Suspend The Unused Tabs

The Great Suspender is going to help you run the system smoothly by just suspending the unused tabs.

This is a fantastic way for checking the memory usage by suspending the tabs you are not using. This is one of the popular Chrome extensions that I may suggest.

Besides, it provides you with some easy flexible settings for shortcuts along with other advantages.

You can easily go for organizing the tabs with a union list with the help of which you can quickly trace the required tab.

You can choose to create group tabs for later use and resume or suspend the selected tab.

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10. React – A JavaScript Library For Creating Interactive UIs

This open-source browser extension enables you to select one component in the tree and you can inspect and edit the state and current properties.

You will get a list of the components and that of the sub components and go on editing the props as well. You can inspect the component, the component that created it, and so on. The react dev tools have developed the fourth version.

In case you don’t want to miss any of the hidden features, you must have this tool as a developer.

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 Winding Up

So, I hope by now, you could find out some useful Chrome extension for web developers from the given article.

If you still have queries related to this issue, please communicate with us in the comments section provided below.

Feel free to shoot us a mail with your ideas or suggestions. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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