7 Life Hacks to Improve Your Device’s Performance

We all want our devices to live long and prosper. But somehow, society convinces us that we need to buy a new phone every year or every other year. The same goes for laptops – a new model enters the market and suddenly, your trusty friend looks like a dinosaur. 

But the fact is, with a little bit of research, effort, and determination, you can make your devices serve you longer and perform better. Read this article to find out how!

Maintaining your device is essential, regardless if we’re talking about an iPhone, an Android phone, a laptop, or a PC. Even if you only use it to google write my essay for me on EssayPro , you still collect lots of cache data that is cluttering your storage space. Implementing some cleaning time once in a while for all of your devices is essential to ensure they serve you well. Now, let’s get into the details.

How To Clear iPhone Data?

The notorious ‘storage almost full’ message is something an iPhone user has to face quite often. Somehow, the more built-in storage you have, the more difficult the cleanup is. Well, if you clean up your device data storage regularly, you don’t have to dread it!

Browser Data

First, clear the data from your browser. We will use Safari as an example. Go to Settings, scroll down to where all the apps are, and find Safari. There, scroll down again and you will find a button that says ‘Clear History and Website Data .’ Make sure that before you do it, you save or bookmark all the important tabs, though, because this will automatically close them all. 


From settings, you can go to General -> iPhone Storage and see which apps take the most of your storage. Make it a habit to review and delete the music you don’t listen to, movies on Netflix that you’ve already watched, and so on. Review your pictures and, most importantly, videos, to delete the duplicates and ones you don’t need.

To ease the process, you can use the app called Gemini Photos. It does an amazing job at sorting your pictures for you, however, it comes at a price of $4.99 per month. You can still cheat the system though by deleting all your unnecessary photos in the first few days of the free trial.


Also, don’t forget about your messenger applications and IMessage. You can delete data from WhatsApp manually and as for IMessage, you can do that from Settings. If you tend to send pictures or videos to your friends, this will free up tons of space on your phone, so don’t neglect this step! And again, remember to make it a habit to clean your phone once in a while before it turns slow and starts to lag.

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How To Clear Android Data?

When it comes to Android phones, cleaning data is a little easier. The settings are generally more accessible and understandable for a user. To clear cached data, go to Settings, pick an app and go to its Storage. Then, tap ‘Clear Cache’ and you’re done! Go app by app and delete all the cache they’ve accumulated. Don’t forget to do that on a regular basis to keep your device running smoothly.


Don’t forget about the browser data, too. Chrome stores lots of cache data to speed up the loading but you won’t need it if you only visited a site once . Clear your cache from time to time and don’t let it slow down your phone. To do that, go to Chrome (or any other browser you may be using), go to Settings -> Storage -> Clear site storage.

When you’re in your browser, don’t forget about downloads. Delete all the files you used once and forgot about like movies or bus tickets, etc. 


Google Maps might be limiting your device greatly. Check if you have downloaded maps. You might still have them from your travels or just your local ones. Most likely, you don’t really need them since we all have an internet connection at all times now. That means you can access any map with no problem. So, what’s the point of having one downloaded? 

Pictures & Videos

If you’re using Google Photos, your phone probably backs up your pictures and videos automatically. That means you don’t have to store them on your phone. Check if all your files are backed up, delete a few pics as a test and if you’re good to go, you might as well delete all the images and enjoy your free space!


A general tip for all smartphones is to revise the apps you have and delete them from time to time. The sheer number of apps can slow down your phone and limit its capabilities. Review the apps you have and delete them if you don’t use them.

If you have an app you need for work but you don’t use it in your daily life, iPhone has a solution called ‘Offload App.’ This will allow you to delete the app but keep its data. Normally, it’s the opposite of what one might want to do but Apple seems to have thought things through. To do that, go to General, iPhone Storage, and scroll down to the app you don’t need at all times. There, you’ll see a button that says ‘Offload App.’ Then, you’ll be able to download it upon necessity and have all your data still saved.

Also, it’s a good thing to know your phone’s general abilities. It won’t make much sense to have a bunch of resource-heavy games if your smartphone can’t even display all the detailed images.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your phone free from clutter is one of the main pains of the 21st century. Turning it into a habit will make it less of a chore. The same way you clean your apartment, you have to clean your phone and there’s no getting away from that. Work smarter, not harder.

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