7 Tips to Stay Focused and Avoid Distractions

Distractions are healthy. But only when they are controlled and balanced. Losing concentration lengthens the task at hand and plummets your productivity.

When you leave a piece of work half-done, you’ve got to spend a lot of time and energy to get back to it. On the flip side, when you work with utmost focus, you can finish it quite quickly and efficiently. Apparently, constant distractions get draining after some time.

Let’s understand why we get distracted in the first place.

What Causes Distraction?

A study by the University of California shows that a person takes around 25 minutes and 30 seconds to rebuild concentration after an interruption. One can certainly finish a task in less time if one can master the art of staying focused.

Now, if we talk about the reasons that lead to distraction, there are a few culprits to point at:

  • poor health;
  • distress or anxiety;
  • technological hindrance;
  • multitasking habit;
  • unfavorable surroundings.

If you are a victim of any of the above aspects, you have to root out the problem by constructive approaches. In this article, you will find several ways to stay focused and move distractions aside effectively.

What Are the Best Ways To Avoid Distractions?

Find Out the Root Cause

It is unreal to solve a problem until you get to its primary cause. You must analyze and understand what’s impeding your concentration. Addressing the issue is the first step towards the solution.

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If you have a hard time completing your homework, find ways to reduce the load. For instance, there are awesome tools like essay generator by essayservice to help you come up with appropriate titles for your essays. You should ease your work with the help of such online tools if you tend to lose interest in your assignments due to mundane tasks associated with them.

If you are struggling with poor health, eat nutritious food, exercise, get treatment – we all know the drill, don’t we? If something emotional is troubling your efforts, try meditation, giving yourself a boost of positivity.

If your anxiety is taking a toll on your mental health, you should consult a therapist. Multitasking also drains your energy and ceases you from dedicating adequate attention to one task at a time. Consequently, it reduces your focus and declines the quality of your work.

Challenge Your Willpower & Create A Routine

If you start without strong willpower, you are more likely to be overwhelmed and quit. To attain maximum focus, you have to challenge your steadfastness and strengthen your commitment. A determined mind is a foundation for the successful execution of plans.

It is natural to lose self-discipline during the day in the beginning. But, with consistent efforts and an effective routine, you will acquire this skill.

Make a To-Do List / Schedule Your Activities

Schedule your day in advance and include all the tasks that you have to finish within a deadline. While creating a to-do list, do not forget to schedule slots for activities like visiting social media, watching TV, calling a friend, playing with your mates, sleeping, or reading a book.

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Let’s face it. It is more or less impractical to think that you can completely avoid distractions. So, why not better manage them? Reward yourself after completion of each task with one kind of distraction that you would anyway spend time on.

When you access the sources of distraction at appropriate times, you do not get trapped in the urge of doing that while working on your endeavors. Hence, it is an efficient way to maintain focus.

Find The Best Environment For Efficiency

When working on college assignments, preparing for exams, or finishing a piece of work, you may get disturbed by different elements in your home. Some distractions can be out of your control, such as someone talking on the phone, children playing, someone watching TV, and so on.

That is why it is advised to dedicate a workstation away from all the chaos of a home. Find a corner that is quiet and organized. Your place of work plays the most important role in sustaining your focus.

Keep Your Phone Away Or On Silent Mode

One of the many things that deteriorate your focus is your phone. We all have been victims of those notifications that we can’t resist. And once the phone is in your hands, no one can predict how much time you will spend on scrolling feed.

The best way to escape this trap is to put your phone in another room or turn off the notifications and alerts.

Break Tasks Into Smaller Sections

We easily get diverted from lengthy tasks as we subconsciously perceive that as a load of work. So, it is advisable to break down a lengthy piece of work into fractions that you can accomplish as small milestones. By practicing this strategy, you will train yourself to stay focused consistently and have control over your day.

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Declutter Your Workspace

You may have a pile of assignments from the previous week or might need to work on that college application along with completing homework. In reality, you are more likely to lose focus if your day looks like a mess to you.

This unclear picture of your schedule stuffed with too many tasks is harmful to your focus and efficiency. Rather, prioritize your assignments and target 3 or 4 most important tasks to complete in a day.

You will see yourself actually accomplishing your goals instead of tossing them into an infinite loop and regretting it at the end of the day. Eventually, this sense of achievement will encourage you to attain more.


The more you give in to your impulses, the more you will lose your focus. To maintain your determination and avoid all kinds of interruptions, you have to edify your mind with productive strategies.

Letting distractions control your time is fine once in a while. But the persistence of it may keep you from accomplishing your goals. The abovementioned tips will help you subdue your desire to give in and keep you focused.

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