Fix Corrupted GoPro Files: A Complete Guide

GoPro cameras are popular for their versatility to capture from a wide variety of angles.

It provides consistent integration with other service and applications so that you may experience a seamless workflow.

But your GoPro videos may get corrupted like other MP4s, and you may need to fix corrupted GoPro files.

How To Fix Corrupted GoPro Files ?

Actually, when the connection gets lost between the camera and your SD card, GoPro videos get corrupted.

In case you lack space in your SD card your camera may record incomplete videos. Sometimes if you try to edit the GoPro videos with an untrusted tool, your file may also get corrupted.

You may get videos with blurry tracks with sound problems! Through this article let us try to address the problem with some handy solutions to fix corrupted GoPro files.

How To Connect The GoPro To Your PC?

Sometimes I get asked these questions– How to connect your GoPro properly with your device. So, today, I am describing to you the process to do so. Follow the steps provided below:

  • First of all, turn off your camera and use a USB cable to get it connected to your PC.
  • Check that the mini jack is inserted in the camera and the UD=SB jack to the empty port of your device. After doing this, turn your camera on.
  • When the camera will recognize the connection, it will go into USB mode.
  • Now double click on the camera icon on your desktop and try to access your video.
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Fix: Corrupted GoPro Files

Now, let us explore every possible way to fix your damaged or corrupted GoPro file. Follow the fixes mentioned below.

Fix 1:  Use Fix. Videoweb App

You can take the help of the Fix. video web app for repairing the corrupted GoPro files.

The Fix. video web app can repair the corrupted MP4 or MOV files recorded with GoPro cameras. Follow the procedure mentioned below for GoPro mp4 repair.

Step 1: Go to your browser and open the Fix. video page. Now from your storage card, get a copy of the corrupted video to your desktop.

Step 2: Now select the file by pressing the Upload Your Broken Video option to get the file selected.

Step 3: Hit Open and you will be displayed a preview of your repaired video as soon as it gets fixed. You have options to check it by clicking on the Play button to check.

Step 4: Now press the Full Fixed Video option. Now select the Continue option for confirming the transfer.

After that, you can select download to save the fill video. Hope this process will repair the corrupted files properly.

Fix 2:  Use The Inbuilt SOS Signal

Your videos get indexed for playback when you record them with GoPro cameras.

Sometimes the videos may not finish recording and get stopped midway leaving a corrupted file without being indexed.  You can repair these files using the SOS signal included in the GoPro cameras.

I am describing the process below to solve your GoPro corrupt file fix issue. Follow the given steps:

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Step 1: First of all, you will have to get the particular SD card inserted including the corrupted video in your GoPro camera.

Step 2: After you turn on the camera, it will prompt you an SOS signal, + a repair icon. It may also give an LCD for highlighting the detected corrupted file.

Step 3: Now you may proceed to press a camera button as soon as you detect the SOS signal or the repair icons for initiating a file repair.

You will find your camera with a blinking red light.  Here we recommend you wait patiently till the blinking stops.

Fix 3: Use A Video Repairing Software

For repairing the GoPro corrupt file fix, for repairing your MP4 videos you can choose from a wide variety of repairing software available in the market.

With the help of this software, you can easily and effectively repair your corrupted GoPro footage.

Software like Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is capable of fixing a wide variety of file formats like – MP4, M4V, F4V, or MOV.

Fix 4: Use Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are using improper tools to view the GoPro footage, they may get corrupted. You may need to update your gear, and this may give you a proper solution to fix the files.

You can use Adobe Premiere Pro for importing your MP4 files. With this market-leading software, you can take the advantage of reprocessing the footage in your preferred formats.

Adobe Premiere Pro is known for its seamless integration with any third-party app you may use for editing the videos.

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Along with other features, you will also get an Auto Reframing option for optimizing footage for social media.

Fix 5: Use VLC Media Player

The video doesn’t need to always be corrupted. Some adjustments in the software settings may fix the MP4 clips.

You can try Your familiar VLC video player for repairing your video. It provides an automated system that improves the damaged videos with AVI format. Follow the steps provided below to commence the process successfully:

Step 1: Go to your VLC and press on Media. This will open the conversion tool for the format.

Step 2: Now add your corrupted video for getting converted to the AVI format. Now press the Convert option.

Step 3: Then go to settings and select Codec. Choose a location for saving the file and hit the Start button.

Step 4: Next go to Tools and press the Preferences button.  Alternatively, you can choose Ctrl +P keys.

Step 5: Then choose the Always Fix option from the Damaged or Incomplete AVI panel. Finally hit the save button and you are done. Check whether your problem with GoPro SD error recovery is solved.

Winding Up

Hope the resolutions provided could give you the answer to fix corrupted GoPro files.

If you still have queries or issues with the related files, feel free to intimate us in the comments section or may shoot us a mail.

We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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