Frame Drops In Games In Windows 10 – Easy Fixes

As your Windows 10 is a game friendly operating system and is a popular gaming platform, it’s really awful to encounter FPS drops issues!

Thus, your seamless gaming experience can turn to be extremely frustrating with random FPS drops and you struggle to find how to fix frame drops.

This might be quite annoying to the game-enthusiasts. There may be assorted reasons that trigger the issue.

How To Fix Frame Drops Issue?

You may suffer these random FPS drops in any version of Windows, and this is really not permissible for your multiplayer games where the FPS rate requirement is a must.

This may occur suddenly without knowing any proper reason and you may get stuck with how to fix frame drops issues.

The issue may be caused by your outdated drivers or you may need to check for the system requirements. Sometimes disabling the Onboard Sound device can check the problem at once.

There are many other sectors that we should take care to handle the issue. So, through this article, I will try to provide you some feasible solutions to solve the problem.

Solution 1:  Check The GPU Drivers

If you do not have proper software support, the top-notch generic driver will not function properly. On your Windows 10, it is especially a touchy issue as your windows update feature regulates the drivers.

Check for the latest drivers and find one most appropriate for your system. You may need to experiment a bit in order to get the most appropriate one.

You can check from the official sites like Intel or Nvidia for OEMs. In case you use a legacy GPU, install the legacy driver.

Sometimes you can take the help of the tools to automatically update the drivers and provide protection to your system. This will perform auto-scanning for your system and check the broken or damaged driver from your system.

In case your Windows has installed the wrong version for you, you may disable the auto-update version and can roll-back drivers. Follow the steps:

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Step 1: Open the Control Panel and move on to System. Then go to the Advanced system section and next move on to the Hardware tab.

Step 2: Now click on Device Installation Settings and choose the No option from the provided box. Confirm the changes done and then right-click on Start.

Step 3: Next move on to your Device Manager and click on Display adapters. Now, select your GPU and right-click on it, and open its Properties.

Step 4: Then go to the Driver tab and select the Roll-back driver option. Now give your system a fresh restart.

Solution 2: Check Your Network Connection

The first and foremost step that you must try is to check whether you are having any sort of internet issues. In case you have problems with FPS, you will face random FPS drops issue.

So, for this, I suggest you restart your router and check the connection. See whether you can access other streaming apps at the same time. If you find any problem, restart the Wi-Fi router once.

Make sure to check that the device is not put to Airplane mode accidentally else this may also raise the issue without your knowledge.

You can verify with your service provider and you find any issue with the server, check whether the problem is with the ISP.

Solution 3:  Take Care That Your System Is Not Overheated

Sometimes we ignore these things like your Computer getting overheated, but this may generate many problems along with FPS drops in games in Windows 10.

This mainly happens when energy-consuming apps or games are running. Nowadays the recent games are power-intensive and consume a lot of energy.

Although your system is designed in such a way that it will get shut down if the CPU gets overheated. It is organized in such a way as to combat the critical issues of hardware failures.

We advise you to look through the cooling system, cleaning all fans, and dusting thoroughly. Make sure you apply thermal paste on your CPU as it will protect it from getting overheated.

If you have options provide some additional coolers. There are some software packages available to check the changes in the temperature level. Always monitor the temperature reading and check the coolers from time to time. You can also get some temperature monitoring software.

Solution 4: Check For System Requirements

Make sure to check for the system requirements as this may lead to many issues if you don’t meet proper system requirements. You should always take care of the minimum requirements and there is a certain configuration to be done to run the game.

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Your popular games need updates frequently to run the game smoothly. They may provide you peak performances, more vivid graphics, etc.

But one thing I can suggest you is to rely upon the official requirements though some sites are a quite good starting point.

Some of the recent games may need some specific software to give you a proper gaming experience. Before you start gaming check whether you have properly installed the additional software package required for that particular game.

Go through the documentation of the games you wish to play and make sure you install the specific program for those specific games.

Solution 5: Check For Any Hardware Issue

Some graphics card related problem has been identified by many users while this issue occurred.

So, make sure you have the proper power supply required for your graphics card to avoid these types of unnecessary problems.

Make sure to check the configuration of your computer so that you have assembled it properly and if you identify any requirements replace them with the specific components.

We recommend you to take exceptional care of your HDD or RAM. The memory sticks may break or there may be corruption in the HDD also, so, make sure you check those minutely.

Step 1: You can use Command Prompt to scan for the HDD errors. Open your elevated command prompt and type chkdsk /f (your drive letter) in the box.

Step 2: a) There is an alternative way to do it. Right-click on a particular partition and then open its Properties.

  1. b) Now, select the Tools option and then move on to the Optimize .You can scrutinize the de fragmented partitions one by one.
  2. c) Now if you have one, install your games on SSD.

Solution 6: Disable The Onboard Sound Device

Sometimes the generic audio driver of Windows 10 may have a conflict with GPU or any other device.

If it happens, your GPU fails to crash your system and you may face random FPS drops so, we strongly recommend you removing the onboard audio device. Here, I am mentioning the procedure to do it. Follow the given steps:

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Step 1: Go to the Start menu and then choose to open the Device Manager.

Step 2: Now select Sound, Video, And Game Controllers. From this section, right-click on Onboard Sound Device. As soon as you find it, disable it.

Step 3: Now, close the window and give your system afresh Restart.

Solution 7: Disable All The Background Programs

Often some programs that are running in the background can consume a lot of energy which in turn may cause the Windows 10 FPS to drop errors or may suddenly shut down the system.

The game may be power-intensive as we have discussed before but along with that, some programs may also hog on the RAM.

So, it is highly recommended if you are running such resource – consuming programs in the background. Proceed to disable those.

Here I am providing you a complete guideline of how you will execute that step by step:

Step 1: First of all, go to the Task Manager and then choose the Startup Tab.

Step 2: Proceed to disable all the energy-consuming programs that you suspect may generate the problem.

Step 3: When you can check and cease all the programs, give your computer a fresh restart. And check whether these Windows 10 FPS drop issue is solved to some extent.

Solution 8: Scan Your PC For Malware

Always remember to scan your device if you experiencing FPS drops in games in Windows 10 because they might prove to be the hidden reason for creating every problem.

Some malwares or viruses may be the reason behind it and a vast range of Malwarebytes is available for several platforms.

They scan for any bugs, viruses, rootkits, worms, even trojans, or any other malicious software affecting your device and removes them.

The bugs may be responsible for stealing your CPU resources so thoroughly scan your device

Here I am describing the steps using Windows Defender to perform the scanning. Please follow the steps:

Step 1: Visit Windows Defender from the taskbar and then choose Virus & Threat Protection.

Step 2: Now choose the Advanced Scan procedure and commence the scanning process. Wait for the entire process to get completed and then check whether the problem is resolved.

Final Words

So, there you are! Hope you are able to find a feasible solution when searching for how to fix frame drops.

You are always welcome with any queries or suggestions. Feel free to let us know if this article has provided you the basic support to solve your issue by commenting in the section below.

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