How Angular Helps In YouTube Kind App Development ?

Hello community of developers! More and more frameworks are appearing in the world of development, more and more programmers are wondering which platform to choose to implement and realize successful projects.

There are many discussions in developer forums about which frameworks are most effective for interface development. Based on many studies, one of the most popular and best is Angular, which we will talk about today. I will also give you recommendations on why this framework should be used for web app development.

Why Angular?

Easy to learn, fast and accessible interface of such a framework as Angular has won the respect of a huge number of developers and gained great popularity in recent years. It allows you to develop interactive and dynamic web applications that require much less effort and coding process. It is well known that Angular is a JavaScript framework, and this is one of the reasons for its widespread use, as it is one of the leaders among programming languages .

Angular is based on TypeScript, a programming language from Microsoft. TypeScript is a set of JavaScript, so any JavaScript code will run in TypeScript. This is probably its main advantage over competing technologies.

Although TypeScript is the primary language for Angular, applications can also be written in languages such as Dart or JavaScript. Angular focuses on developing one-page applications that provide improved user interaction.

The framework helps the developers to reverend architecture applications. This structure has unusual characteristics, active front-end development and this framework holds producing.

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Developers also can escape HTML increase while creating the apps and add markup without developing an application. It is worth noting that Angular offers server-side rendering, which speeds up the loading of the home page and, therefore, improves SEO, making it easier to scan dynamic pages.

YouTube with Angular

This platform is known to all. It is used by both children and adults, some for entertainment, some for educational purposes. It is popular video hosting, where you can add, view and comment on certain videos.

This popularity is partly attributed to the content of professional videos and amateur video blogs, which gives a wider choice for the query. YouTube has reached $ 40 billion, which is more valuable than any other video-sharing app. 90% of the world’s video content, which is redistributed to other channels, comes from YouTube. Moreover, there are currently 5 billion views per day.

For even greater consumption of the platform over time, live broadcasts, a tab of the most popular videos by viewers, unique genres and more were added. So looking at all its features, it goes without saying that this is one of the best resources for placing your app. Angular was developed under the direction of Google, in the software framework market, Angular ranks 2nd after ASP.NET.

Angular technology is used in web applications of companies such as Netflix, Upwork, Weather, Paypal and of course Google. As you know, YouTube has been a division of Google since 2006, this is available on Sony PlayStation 3 and it is built using Angular.

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In addition, you can easily embed your applications in the video and promote it. I also want to tell you about a channel called Google Developers which contains talks on events, training series, best practices, tips and the latest updates for our products and platforms. I think you can find like-minded people there.


Today we learned that Angular is a JavaScript platform owned by Google which helps to create ingenious projects for the most famous companies and of course YouTube is on their list. I hope that the article “How Angular helps in youtube kind app development” brought you new knowledge and proved the benefits of using this framework. Knowledge of Angular Development will definitely help you if you have already chosen development in this area. Thank you for reading and attention, I wish you good luck!

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