How To Permanently Stop Windows 10 From Updating?

There is no denying Windows is the best operating system. It has many limitations when you see it from a technical perspective, but it has the best user interface by far. There are many other operating systems, but none of them come close to the success of Windows.

It was its graphical user interface that became the reason behind the success of Microsoft. It’s so simple that it’s self-explanatory, and there are too many useful features than most people know.

However, this interface and user-friendliness come at a cost. The Windows operating systems are really heavy, and they get really slow with time. It was perfect until Windows 7.

Today, Windows 10 is the latest version, and it is supposed to be the smartest version. Many people prefer to use the old Windows 7, but most new programs are not supported on it. Users feel that Microsoft has become really obnoxious in Windows 10.

One of the biggest and most irritating problems is its forced upgradation. It keeps updating itself even if the user doesn’t want it to. It shows notifications, the user ignores them, and it still starts to update when it pleases.

Many people had to face it when they were working on something important. Many files have been lost this way and there was a lash back from users, but Microsoft did not seem to care.

You could easily turn off updates in old operating systems, but they had it really difficult in Windows 10. A non-technical person could never have guessed how to turn these updates off. It’s much easier to get a fake identity from the internet than turning off Windows updates.

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These updates are not just irritating because they take up a lot of internet data and slow down the computer in the process. It stops you from what you are working on and suddenly reboots. It takes hours to download, install, and process those updates. When it updates the Windows, there is also no option for recovering the lost files or documents.

However, this article solves all your problems with the updates of Windows 10. You can turn them off permanently. It will not even ask you for updates and never forcefully start updating.

Here is what you need to do.

1.Click on the Start

You can find the Windows logo at the left bottom of your screen.

2.Type gpedit.msc

You can copy “gpedit.msc” from here and paste it in the search or type it. Make sure you DO NOT add the quotations.

You will see the Microsoft Common Console Document at the top in the search result.

You will open the Local Group Policy Editor by clicking that result.

3.Navigate to Windows Updates

You will see some options in the left pane.

Here is the pattern you will follow: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update

4.Open Configure Automatic Updates

A number of policies will appear on the right side when you click Windows Updates.

You will have to double-click on Configure Automatic Updates policy, and it will open a new window.

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5. Check the “Disabled” Button

You will see the option “Disabled” below Configure Automatic Updates.

Check this radio buttons and click “OK”.

You have now permanently disabled the updates of Windows 10. However, there might come a time when you have to install a few updates to support a new program.

You can follow the same path and check the “Enabled” button if you want to enable the updates. Temporarily change the settings, update it according to your will, and then change the settings back.

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