MurGee Auto Clicker: Is it Worth the HYPE?

Are you looking for a reliable Auto Clicker software? Let me guess, you have heard about MurGee but don’t really know whether to go with it or not?. Here in this article, we will describe what MurGee is, its features, how to install it in your system, how it works, it’s pricing, and its pros and cons. So, read this article to the end. 

MurGee Auto Clicker: Overview

MurGee is not only an Auto Clicker software but is a dual monitor software. Apart from Auto clicking, it does many other works like network controller, auto mouse mover, time screensaver, mouse cursor automation, auto mouse click. This one is an advanced tool. Even if you compare it with the tool best considered for Auto Clicking in the market, i.e., GS Auto Clicker, this one is still better for advanced users. For those who are beginners, the GS Auto clicker is more preferable. 

MurGee Auto Clicker has many handy features and a lot of clicking options. This one is an advanced solitary system. This one is known as one of GS and OP Auto Clickers’ best alternatives. Here in this MurGee Auto Clicker, you will find all the required options on a single software.

MurGee Auto Clicker: Features

Some of the best features of MurGee Auto Clicker are – 

  • For multiple clicking, it has advanced configurations.
  • Best for PC clients and gamers.
  • Clicking macros can also be made by the users.
  • Multiple sets of the mouse can be set at the same time.
  • Replay and record options are available. 
  • Works great as any button or a mouse clone.
  • It starts just with the help of a shortcut key.

MurGee Auto Clicker: Download & Installation

Step – 1: Go to official website from here. 

Step – 2: On the screen, you will see many written materials. Look for the word ‘Download’ in blue and click it. 

Step – 3: The download will automatically start. The file size is pretty small, so it must not take much time.

Step – 4: Make a double click on the downloaded file and open the installation. 

Step – 5: Follow the installation protocol, and after completion, click on ‘Finish.’ 

Step – 6: To easily access the software, you can also make a shortcut. 

MurGee Auto Clicker: How it Works? 

Step – 1: Double click on the shortcut or on the program to open it.

Step – 2: You will find a red icon of the Auto Clicker. Make a right-click on it, and that will open the auto clicker’s main window. 

Step – 3: Here, you can configure which shortcut key you want to use to start or stop the Auto Clicking. 

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Step – 4: Here, you will be asked to set the number of times you want the clicks to repeat and the interval that means the time between two consecutive clicks.

Step – 5: You can use ‘Ctrl + E’ as a shortcut key to start or stop the Auto Clicking. 

Step – 6: Hide the window now and navigate the cursor to wherever you want the clicks. 

Step – 7: Once your cursor is at the spot, press ‘Ctrl + E.’ 

Step – 8: You can stop it again by using the same command, i.e., ‘Ctrl + E.’ 

MurGee Auto Clicker: Pricing

MurGee will cost you $8 for a lifetime. It also offers a free trial if you want to use that first and judge whether MurGee is worthy of the money or not. We say, yes, it is worth every penny. 

MurGee Auto Clicker: Pros and Cons


  • No lags or crashes have been reported by the users so far.
  • Precise directions can be set for Auto Clicking.
  • Any hotkey of your wish can be chosen for the Auto Clicking process.
  • For extra mouse activities, it also allows the recording of macros. 
  • It offers a free trial, and even its price is not too much.
  • It has a very straightforward interface.
  • It is the best for advanced users and has advanced features. 


  • With this software, you cannot run other tools simultaneously.
  • To adapt and learn MurGee Auto Clicker, you need to play with the tool although its interface is simple, there are just many options to choose from. 


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MurGee Auto Clicker is an advanced tool more recommended for professionals that have the basic knowledge to understand its process. If you regularly need a Auto clicker and need advanced features, this can be the perfect choice for you. Professional gamers and PC users also recommend the use of MurGee Auto Clicker. 

Although most other Auto Clickers hardly charge you anything, this Auto Clicker is a little more costly. Still, it is worth it. It also offers a free trial so that you can actually know whether it is ideal for you and your PC or not. You can use this before the permanent registration. Use this awesome software and let your fingers take some rest. 


  1. 1. Is using MurGee Auto Clicker safe? 

Ans – It does not have any viruses or malware with it. If you download it from its official website, as mentioned above, it is entirely safe, and you do not have to worry about anything. 

Although, some games do not allow the use of Auto Clickers. If you use this software in such games, your account may be blocked.

  1. 2. Is it illegal to use MurGee Auto Clicker?

Ans – No, not at all. MurGee Auto Clicker is completely legal and can only benefit gamers and other simple stuff. In fact, there is nothing wrong anyone can do with Auto Clicking software, except for cheating in an online game. 

  1. 3. Is it free to use MurGee Auto Clicker? 

Ans- No, MurGee AutoClicker is not free. It will cost you $ 8 for a lifetime. Although it offers a free trial in which to understand the software’s working, you get 20 clicks for free. 

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