Opencl Dll Missing Error – How To Resolve ?

You sometimes encounter bugs even on the most popular Windows on the market like your Windows 10 and create opencl dll missing error.

In this case, you will be able to copy your required file from a different PC but cannot run some applications.

This problem is mainly related to your graphics card and if you fail to mend it anyway, you will have to change your card.

Reasons That Trigger The OpenCL Dll Missing Error?

Opencl.dll missing error may get you innumerable problems and this may appear on any version of Windows. The file can get bugged or corrupted and a simple DISM command can fix the problem at once.

Sometimes the graphics card drivers are the culprits, and you can recover the files by simply installing the latest updates available.

Through this article let us explore some remedies to fix the opencl dll missing error.

Fix 1: Run SFC Scan

When stuck with a opencl.dll corrupt to make sure there is some corruption in the system files and once you scan it you will be able to fix the problem.

You can take the help of the Command Prompt and by using the SFC utility you can fix the problem.

To execute the process, I am describing the steps below. Please follow these steps to commence the procedure successfully:

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as an administrator and open the SFC utility by pressing Windows Key and X hotkey.

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Step 2: Now enter DISM.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and then hit the Enter button. You must do this before initiating the SFC scan.

Step 3: In Command Prompt, type sfc /scannow, and hit the Return Key. Wait till the scan gets completed. It may take thirty minutes to accomplish the entire process.

Step 4: After finishing the scan, give your Windows a fresh restart and check whether the step has repaired the corrupted files.

Fix 2: Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

Opencl.dll was not found the problem is related to the graphics card so, we recommend you go for the driver updates.

Just visit the website of the manufacturer and then detect the model of your graphics card. Now find the latest drivers and go for the installation.

After installation of the latest available version just check whether you could address the issue this way.

If you find this a bit tiring job, you can also take the help of a third-party tool that will download and install the drivers automatically.

Fix 3:   Use the Windows Image File

This is an advanced solution to fight the opencl.dll corrupt error. For this, you need Windows 10 ISO of the exact build.  Follow the steps mentioned below to accomplish the task:

Step 1: Open the elevated Command Prompt and make a temporary directory for mounting Windows Image File. To do this run the command in the given box:

  • mkdir C:WIM

Step 2: Then go for mounting the WIM file and run the command:


Step 3: Now, run the DISM scan as mentioned in the previous step, and when you accomplish the entire procedure, go for unmounting the image. Now remove the folder created previously by running this command:

  • Dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:C:WIM /Discard
  • rmdir C: WIM

Now give your computer a fresh restart and see whether this has resolved the issue.

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Fix 4: System Refresh And Updates

If no other procedure helps, try this. Refresh your Windows 10 updates is going to help you.

You can perform Windows 10 refresh process without hampering or losing your files. All your important documents will be fully intact.

You can also choose to update to the latest available version. Here I am giving a guideline on how to update Windows:

Step 1: Go to Settings and open Update & Security. From there you will find the options to Update Windows.

Step 2: Under this option, you will find the latest updates available. Then you are required to meticulously follow the instructions given on-screen.

Once Windows find the updates, it will get automatically installed. Once you have finished the process restart your computer and check for any improvement.

Fix 5: Manually Copying The Missing File

Some users have recommended this process to manually copy the missing file. For this, you will have to copy the missing file manually from a different PC.

Proceed by copying the said file to C: WindowsSystem32/64 directory. But remember o keep back up of the file before you copy. When you are overwriting the original ones, you will have to register the fresh files.

Step 1: Run the elevated Command Prompt and then type regsvr32 opencl.dll and then hit the Enter button.

In case your file is in the Nvidia directory, follow the steps mentioned below to execute the task:

Step 2: Open the NVIDIA drivers directory and find the file from there. Now, right-click on the file and copy it.

Then paste the file to the C: WINDOWSSystem32 directory. Now check if this has resolved the problem.

Fix 6:  Downloading The Recent Opencl Runtime Package

If you are having opencl.dll not found download the OpenCL runtime package.

You will be able to find it from Intel’s website and when you finish downloading it, you will have to run the setup file in order to install.

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When you have finished the entire process check whether the issue is resolved.

Fix 7:  Uninstall The Graphics Card Drivers

You can choose to uninstall the graphics card driver and run a DISM scan. Follow the steps given below to accomplish the task:

Step 1: Open the Device Manager and then find the graphics card driver. Now, right-click on it and select the Uninstall Device option.

Step 2: Now from the menu, choose Remove Driver Software For This Device option and click Uninstall.

When you have removed the driver successfully, you will have to perform a scan, and this will install the drivers automatically.

Fix 8: Restrict The Automatic Update Of The Drivers

Sometimes preventing the automatic updates of the graphics card driver helps to resolve opencl.dll corruption. Many users reported having got benefitted from his step.

When you installed the graphics card driver, go for uninstalling it from your Device Manager. You will have to see that Windows should not allow automatic updates.

After that, you can visit the website of the manufacturer for downloading the recent version and then you can install it.

After you successfully install the drivers, check whether the annoying problem with the Once the driver is installed, the problem with opencl.dll is fixed.

Fix 9  – Disable Your Dedicated Graphics Card

You can also disable the graphics card on a temporary basis in order to solve the Opencl.dll problem.  These issues are generally raised by the graphics card drivers.

When you cannot access the proper graphic card drivers you can use the integrated version.

For disabling the dedicated graphics card, you will have to go for checking the graphics card software.  You can also go for disabling the graphics card from BIOS.

Closing Words

Hope you have already found a solution to opencl dll missing.

In case you have any more queries with opencl dll missing, feel free to come up with the issues in the comments section provided below.

We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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