How To Lower CPU/GPU Usage In Games ?

You may get a frustrating bottleneck experience while gaming as your processor gets much slower to process and transfer the data. If you are seeking help on how to lower CPU usage in games, make sure you can meet the game system requirements first. Sometimes your CPU may get overheated and you have throttled down […]

8 Tips and Ideas on Starting Your Own Photography Blog!

Online space has been changing in the last few years, and more and more people crave for meaningful, useful content on the web. If you practice photography long enough and have some ideas and experience to share, starting your own blog is something you should really think about. If you optimize it well enough and […]

Chrome Won’t Go Full Screen – Easy Fixes

Google Chrome dominates the web browser landscape and innumerable users opt to choose this for a seamless experience! Still, you may confront problems with video streaming and playback in the most-used Web browser like Chrome. Sometimes, Chrome won’t go full screen. This mainly happens with your YouTube videos. For an instant solution, you can restart […]

What Is My Network Security Key? – Complete Guide

In today’s busy schedules we need to rely upon the security keys for protecting the devices from any unwanted access. Your network security key or Wi-Fi password allows you to gain access to the wiles network. It establishes a connection between the wireless/network device and the user who is requesting for getting access. But sometimes […]

How To Switch To Remote Working ?

After decades spent in offices, the idea of working remotely seemed alien to a large part of the population even back in 2019, especially to those who have bonded with their colleagues and find face-to-face communication the most effective. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made adjustments, and not necessarily for the worse. People have switched […]

How Angular Helps In YouTube Kind App Development ?

Hello community of developers! More and more frameworks are appearing in the world of development, more and more programmers are wondering which platform to choose to implement and realize successful projects. There are many discussions in developer forums about which frameworks are most effective for interface development. Based on many studies, one of the most […]

Discord Is Picking Up The Game Audio – How To Resolve ?

Discord is a popular digital platform for video gaming through which you can communicate the users with image, text, audio & video through a chat channel. Discord is specialized to run on Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, or Web browsers. For establishing voice communication, Discord uses a microphone and according to some recent reports it is […]

The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly (0xc0000005) – How To Fix ?

Windows 10 launched with lots of modifications erasing the problems of the previous version, yet some issues may occur now and then. While opening a different browser or software inside your Windows 10, you may encounter the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005) error message. This happens not only to the browsers, but any […]

Opencl Dll Missing Error – How To Resolve ?

You sometimes encounter bugs even on the most popular Windows on the market like your Windows 10 and create opencl dll missing error. In this case, you will be able to copy your required file from a different PC but cannot run some applications. This problem is mainly related to your graphics card and if […]

7 Life Hacks to Improve Your Device’s Performance

We all want our devices to live long and prosper. But somehow, society convinces us that we need to buy a new phone every year or every other year. The same goes for laptops – a new model enters the market and suddenly, your trusty friend looks like a dinosaur.  But the fact is, with […]