Top 10 Video Games Companies in the World!

Do you know that in the last year alone (2020), the video games’ market size was worth 60.4 billion dollars? Undoubtedly, the video gaming industry has been growing at a rapid pace. According to the IDC report, the video gaming industry has gone bigger than the movies and the North American sports combined during the […]

The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly (0xc0000005) – How To Fix ?

Windows 10 launched with lots of modifications erasing the problems of the previous version, yet some issues may occur now and then. While opening a different browser or software inside your Windows 10, you may encounter the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005) error message. This happens not only to the browsers, but any […]

Steam Voice Chat Not Working – Easy Fixes

As the most popular gaming distribution platform on PC, Steam provides an excellent gaming experience to the users, and your favorite Counter-Strike CS is ranked one of the most popular multiplayer games! But in this widely popular gaming platform also you may confront some issues related to Steam voice chat not working or CS: GO […]

Steam Service Error – How To Resolve ?

Facing an awkward issue every time while installing Steam service? It’s really annoying to encounter such errors at an amazing gaming distribution platform like Steam. This error will not allow you to play any game offline! At timces you may encounter this steam service error at the time you restart your computer as well! You […]

Spotify Won’t Open Error – How To Resolve ?

Music is insanely powerful creating memories and bringing people closer. Spotify creates an excellent curation covering every mood, season, or occasion. Spotify has gained explosive popularity among music streaming services covering every genre in the terms of the choice and preferences of music. But sometimes you may come across with Spotify won’t open error. In […]

Sound Card Not Detected In Windows 10 – How To Fix?

Your Computer uses sound cards to connect the sound devices like speakers, recorders, or mixers and nowadays you also have the privilege to connect wirelessly. The Bluetooth options are blessed with instant connections to your device as well. But often when you update your Windows, you may encounter with some sort of changes and errors. […]

Skype Voicemail Not Working – How To Resolve?

While you are stuck with your hectic schedule handling back to back meetings or accomplishing some major tasks, Skype takes care of your incoming calls with their amazing free voicemail feature! It’s one of the well-known platforms providing you audio, video, message services, and you can feely get back to your voice messages and revert […]

Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile – How To Fix ?

To date, emails provide you an excellent media of communication over the internet. Many users prefer to use Microsoft Outlook as the main email client as they are allowed to transfer important, documents, or pictures through attachments with the assistance of these services. But sometimes you may encounter some bugs and get to meet the […]

Opencl Dll Missing Error – How To Resolve ?

You sometimes encounter bugs even on the most popular Windows on the market like your Windows 10 and create opencl dll missing error. In this case, you will be able to copy your required file from a different PC but cannot run some applications. This problem is mainly related to your graphics card and if […]

No Driver For Network Adapter – How To Fix?

If you get the windows could not find a driver for your network adapter error message that means your system is unable to locate and communicate with the driver linking the OS with your networking hardware. When your network adapter fails to work, these types of problems will get generated. Some users have reported that […]