Top Italian Start-Ups – Have A Look!

Italy is known as the country of romance where you will emerge in the picturesque seaside villages and cities with ancient ruins. Anyway, who doesn’t want to see the sunset beautifully in the pastoral countryside or wonderful islands? For all of these reasons, Italy is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. 

Moreover, when it comes to businesses, this country’s economic attractiveness is flourishing and is attracting a number of entrepreneurs and investors. Italy is ranking 15th among the top 20 host economies with several factors that affect foreign direct investment. Enough talk, here are the best Italian start-ups to watch out for this year.


Launched in 2013, StatisPay is a mobile payment system for businesses and consumers in Italy. This combination of satisfaction and pay allows the users to send money smoothly and quickly through their mobile phones. StatisPay has become seductive because not only does it provide an easier process but the transaction fee is also much cheaper. 

To register at this online payment solution, the consumers have to furnish their identity documents as well as the IBAN of their accounts and the tax code. Then, they can choose the maximum amount of money they want to use each week. Another important thing that is worth mentioning in StatisPay is that this app is completely independent and can be available on AppGallery, Google Play, and App Store.

AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato or Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies) is the regulating body in Italy that is responsible for issuing licenses to both local and offshore gambling operators. Since the fans of the remote gaming platforms have expanded, choosing the non-AAMS platforms is possible thanks to

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Actually, the bookers that are not licensed by this Italian regulatory authority have the possibility to offer more bonus packages and special offers to their customers. That is the reason why was created to guide the players choose the best gaming websites that are not under the AAMS jurisdiction. Those who are in quest of the top-notch NonAAMS online casinos guaranteeing the best gambling experience should visit


Founded in 2015, Credimi is a new company created to lend products to SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and institutional investors. The company is headquartered in Milano and is based on three tags such as lending, fintech, and finance. This digital financial product enables firms to liquidate their working capital. 

Since Credimi has served more than 4,000 companies, it is not surprising that it has become the leading digital factoring platform in Europe. In 2019, Credimi began to offer medium and durable financing to its factoring offer. This means that this Italian startup’s mission focuses on making invoice financing quicker, simpler, and more transparent. Today, Credimi offers more seductive services than any other available alternative.


Tutored is a new social platform created by university students to enhance the market of employer branding recruiting for the young. This awarded business has two main actors; the students and companies. In fact, the users of Tutored will be able to interact every day by sharing and exchanging information related to their exams, tutoring, and more. In addition, they can also create their professional profile and apply to the job opportunities of Tutored clients. 

Mind that this ED-Tech scheme has big companies as clients that aim to improve their employment brand activities as well as hire the best young talents. Today, Tutored has started implementing its plans on ICO and cooperated with great companies such as Microsoft, BNP Paribas, Decathlon, Allianz, UniCredit, LIDL, PwC, and others making it among the renowned international ventures.


When it comes to the platform for HTML5 Video Games, GamePix is among the world-leading distribution names. The company was founded in 2013 and has the mission to help gaming companies launch their full potential by supplying HTML5 videogames on web channels. 

Headquartered in Rome, GamePix combines all possible channels into one single entry point enabling the developers to distribute their Video Games on different websites, apps, and many others. Today, this premium HTML5 games platform has millions of players in more than 200 countries. Thanks to this platform to play free online action, the players can play different games on their mobile devices.

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